Sustainable luxury at Lagacio Mountain Residence, Italy


Lagacio Mountain Residence

With a growing trend towards sustainability and minimizing our carbon footprint, resorts, hotels and lodgings around the world are making more efforts to minimize the effects that our vacation has on the planet.
Lagacio Mountain Residence is in the small town of San Cassiano, Alta Badia in the Dolomites areas of Northern Italy. When it opened in 2009 it was certified by the Climate House Agency as CasaClima A, the second highest award possible in an assessment that evaluated the energy efficiency of buildings in Italy. Built almost entirely of local materials, finished heavily in wood and stone, Lagacio uses just 30KWh per square meter for heating, compared to 120 to 220 for the typical lodging in the same area.

Apartment at the Mountain Residence

Design in both the guest rooms is simple, yet beautiful; in addition to wooden paneling and locally made furniture in each room, large windows provide natural light and views over the surrounding mountains and forests. This residence has the feel of a traditional mountain lodge, but with a number of personal touches and excellent attention to detail that you are more likely to find in high end hotel, not on the edge of a minor ski resort.

Alta Badis is not considered one of best areas for skiing, with the majority of slopes rated easy or medium, and despite its lack of Après Ski the ski club of Great Britain declares that is is ‘probably the best resort in the world for foodies’, with two Michelin starred restaurants in San Cassiano along with many other highly regarded restaurants, to suit all budgets.

One of the many common areas which overlook the mountains

Helping to maintain this prestigious title, breakfast at Lagacio is a memorable experience, with home made breads, fresh pastries and locally sources cheeses, fruit, eggs and meats. Served buffet style guests have time to admire the mountain scenery  before heading out for the day.

Set in the heart of the mountains Lagacio is open year round and offers 24 spacious apartments: doubles and family rooms, all with balconies and mountain views. Rooms for two starting from €160  in summer or €200 in winter, with quad rooms from €350 in summer and €440 in winter, with breakfast and Spa access included.

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