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Here at Hotel Scoop, we publish detailed, professionally written hotel reviews penned by well-traveled writers. We are open to hearing from anyone representing hotels, resorts, and other lodging worth talking about if there’s a good opportunity to work on something of mutual benefit.

We are not a trade organization nor a “hot news” outlet: most of our stories are meant to have long-term appeal to real travelers looking for help on planning where to stay. So this is not a place to send spray-and-pray press releases.

What we do want is real news that will still matter a year or two from now to potential guests: new property openings, the elimination of extra fees (such as hated resort fees or Wi-Fi charges), a name change, a new wing added to a well-known resort, etc. We can use these to update previous reviews or consider new candidates for coverage. Please send any real news items or press trip invites to the editor at tim ( at) or contact the contributing writer you already have a relationship with. They’re all listed on our About page.

We’re always open to getting hosted stay invites because that enables us to write a lot of details about the property: all our articles are based on first-person experience. Our most frequent type of posting is a hotel review far more detailed than readers will find elsewhere on the web or in a magazine or a round-up written by a writer who has stayed at multiple hotels in the location. Please send any hosted stay information to tim [at], editor (at ), or to the appropriate individual contributor if you already have a relationship with one of them or know that they are in your region.

If your request is urgent or needs to be discussed on the phone, contact the editor Tim at +1 eight-one-three 203-5595. (No non-hotel product or service pitches please).

Yes, we accept advertising through sponsorships and via the Mediavine network. For partnership or content marketing inquiries, contact the editor tim ( at)

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