Mara Bush Camp – Private Wing: An Oasis of Intimate Luxury in the Masai Mara

It’s one thing to have a great location like the famous Masai Mara Game Reserve. But it’s another to have both location and luxury. The Mara Bush Camp – Private Wing is like an oasis of luxury on the African plains. Plus, they overlook a large hippo pool where you can watch their antics from the Hippo Bar or the comfort of your over-indulged safari tent. (There are about 40 hippos that frequent the pool).


The exclusive private camp is based in central Masai Mara, on the banks of the Olare Orok River. Wildlife roam freely as the camp is not fenced, so nature can be enjoyed as intended to be – in a natural setting. It’s but a 10-minute drive from Olkiombo airstrip, where daily service is provided by airlines such as Safari link, Air Kenya and Mombasa Air.

Three of the delightful camp staff – always at your service with a smile.

The Safari Tents

Mara Bush Camp – Private Wing (formerly known as Little Mara Bush Camp) is specially designed for those who covet an African wildlife experience, yet with exclusivity and maximum privacy. With a total of 12 luxury tents (two are family rooms) mounted on wooden platforms, each is noted for luxurious furnishings and detail. Eight river tents offer prime viewing of the hippos and another four are protected by the Croton Bush Forest.



From Mahogany furniture, a writing desk, bathrobes and slippers to a private verandah with lounging chairs, the retreat is designed with an eye to spaciousness, luxurious comfort and outstanding international cuisine. Surprise touches include turn-down service with hot water bottles tucked under the blankets. A perfect detail to keep your feet nice and warm during some of the chilly nights.


Vanity with toilet and shower on either side.

The Cuisine

The cuisine is some of the best I’ve had in Kenya, with the chef easily accommodating food allergies and dining preferences. As someone opting for vegetarian, I have often encountered in Africa the attitude that you just help yourself to more sides. Here, the chef totally “gets it” and prepared me special vegetarian entrees. The food scene is international, with certain meals dedicated to Asian and Italian specialties.  A separate pastry chef provides world-class desserts daily.


International cuisine is tops at Mara Bush Camp – Private Wing.

The Seasons

The Masai Mara Game Reserve is known for its annual wildebeest migration, which occurs from about July to end-of-October. During this time, over 1.5 million wildebeest commence their annual migration to the rains and greener grass of Masai Mara. The wildebeest are accompanied by zebras, gazelles and of course, predators.

This is considered high season for bookings, and this camp in particular, is about as convenient as it gets, being about a 10-minute drive away. I came during the first week in November and my group still caught the tail-end of the migration.

The Booking

When you come to Mara Bush Camp – Private Wing, you don’t just book a room, but generally a package that includes wildlife safaris. Sunworld safaris owns this particular camp and offers a variety of safari options.

It’s also possible to stay for a night or two, with breakfast included. Any of the hotel booking sites, from Trip Advisor to Expedia and provide rates that can run from $669 to $847.


Hospitality is supremely provided by Mara Bush Camp staff.


With an unbeatable combination of location, luxury, delectable cuisine and wild hippos, what’s not to like about Mara Bush Camp – Private Wing?



Hotel review by Albuquerque-based travel & food writer/photographer Karin Leperi. She paid for three nights safari experience at Mara Bush Camp – Private Wing as part of an exclusive photo tour safari.  All photos and text by Karin Leperi.



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