Ghosts and Great Food at the Naples Hotel, Finger Lakes, NY

naples hotel outsideAt the Naples Hotel in Naples, New York, ghosts have been around for awhile. After all, the hotel has been treating guests to meals, drinks and overnight stays since 1895. Situated in the Finger Lakes region of New York, Naples is a lovely village of gift shops, wine, grape pies and more surrounded by scenic beauty. The Naples Hotel is a town centerpiece soaking up the ambiance of its quaint surroundings where ghost tales add flair.

Chef Domonick Gallo pairs tales of the Naples Hotel ghosts with Italian flavors

Chef Domonick Gallo pairs tales of the Naples Hotel ghosts with Italian flavors

As I dug into a hearty helping of Vitelli– breaded veal cutlet topped with homemade marinara sauce and fresh mozzarella melted to tasty perfection, and an order of Italian inspired mussels in the hotel’s Victorian-style dining room restaurant, Chef Domonick Gallo told tales of the visitors who just won’t leave.

There’s the woman who peers out from a second floor window. There’s another who has been seen in the restaurant’s front room. A guy named “Topper” is  referred to most in Naples Hotel ghost story tales. As the story goes, “Topper” hung himself on the 3rd floor back in the 1920’s and has been playing mischief ever since.

naples hotel furnitureThere are pictures that become crooked, objects that move, voices when no one is there, and a shadowy figure in 1920’s style clothing.

Whether you come to see if “Topper” makes an appearance, or for an up scale meal of lunch or dinner– or for an overnight stay, the Naples Hotel, with it Victorian ambiance is an historic treat whether ghosts show up or not.

The six guest rooms are appointed in a mix of period-style furniture and color palates unique to each.  Each guest room has a name that reflects its theme. Sake, for example, follows an Asian bent with teal, reds and golds dominating the decor.

Separate sitting areas and bathrooms are part of each guest room’s offering. Here’s where settling in with a good book after a day of wine-tasting and hiking is in order.

For those who like a bit of company, the Naples Hotel offers that too. Head to the Tap Room for a drink. The bar hasn’t changed much over the years adding to its historic feel.

Sitting room of Sake, an Asian inspired accomodation

Sitting room of Sake, an Asian inspired accomodation

Friday nights pair a drink with karaoke. On Thursdays it’s open mike night, and Saturdays are the time to enjoy live acoustic music.

Guest rooms range from $99 (The Delaware) to $245 (The Vineyard Suite). For reservations, contact the Naples Hotel at 585-374-5630.

Post and photos courtesy of Jamie Rhein, member of Midwest Travel Writers Association.*My meal was hosted by Finger Lakes Visitors Connection, but my opinions are my own. The Naples Hotel is my kind of place–history and heart.


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