Touchscreens Come to San Diego, California Hotels

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How did we function before computers and the advent of touch screen technology? Most of us will do a Google search or use an online hotel booking service engine to make our hotel reservations. But it doesn’t stop there. Many hotels offer online check-in and some hotels provide express kiosks where guests swipe their card and keys and directions to the hotel room are printed upon demand. Porter24, a digital advertising company, is introducing touchscreen concierge service designed to make life easier for the hotel guest.

The content management system (CMS) allows users to find local tourist attractions, check the local weather, track airline flights, snap a selfie, and research additional hotel offerings. Hotels that implement the Porter24 content management system (CMS) are able to customize and update content in real-time.

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“Consumers are loving the technology because they are able to see suggested local restaurants, nightlife, attractions, and exclusive deals all in one place,” said Porter24’s Vice President Daniel Ramirez. “They are also getting the opportunity to see weather and flight details, which has been a bigger hit than we originally thought. Also, selfies are everywhere, with this new feature, hotel guests really don’t need a selfie stick and the hotel gets its brand on social media.”

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To date, the company has introduced the new touchscreens in four San Diego, California-based hotels. The online concierge service is available at Residence Inn Marriott, San Diego Gaslamp, Residence Inn Gaslamp and Pacific Edge Hotel on Laguna Beach. The company anticipates rolling out the digital concierge service to San Francisco and Los Angeles-based hotels next.

Hotel technology news article by San Francisco-based Travel Writer Nancy D. Brown. Photos provided by Marriott Hotels.

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