The Saga Continues – Seeking Niagara Falls Crash Pads

Prince of Wales Hotel

In the next installment on where to sleep after surviving the legendary Niagara Hornblower Cruise that inches up close to the mighty Horseshoe Falls in Niagara Falls, Ontario – well here are my picks.

Who cares you might look like a drowned rat, sopping wet after making a splash facing the mighty naturally-made wonder?

For those contemplating a cruise on this iconic voyage, I’m here to say you will definitely be able to sleep like a baby after the adrenaline, thrilling moments cocooned inside the craggy walls of the Niagara Great Gorge facing arguably Canada’s number one visitor experience.

Here are 2 more Niagara Crash Pads worth checking into:

Prince of Wales stained glass

Prince of Wales Hotel 
As I twisted and turned, sheltering my eyes at points when the Horseshoe Falls was raining down hard, I thought geesh wouldn’t it be nice to feel like royalty after surviving this seafaring voyage?

So I booked a room and stayed at the Prince of Wales Hotel in historic Niagara-on-the-Lake. The landmark property has been a favorite tourist haunt ever since the late 1800s when Niagara’s earliest tourists slept at this location which was then known as the Long’s Hotel.

Now at the historic Prince of Wales, guests can plunge into a wonderful experience with hints of Downtown Abbey. The common areas are elegantly furnished in antiques with oversized vases teeming in roses. See the finest intricate wood inlays, all hallmarks to a glorious Victorian past.Prince of Wales High Tea

We easily dove into the luxurious surrounds and headed to the Drawing Room for the acclaimed High Tea Afternoon. Instead of white whipped waters it was whipped clotted cream and scones. Instead of thundering falls unfurling around us, the soothing sounds of Pachelbel’s Canon and horsey trots outside accompanied our visit.

Prince of Wales pool

The surprise: The Prince of Wales Hotel has a fabulous indoor pool surrounded by huge wall-sized glass covered painting reproductions of Queen Victoria and family. The other surprise: the ladies loo. Beautifully appointed floral designed ceramic toilets and matching sink emit a completely new take on the water theme.Shaw Club Hotel

The Shaw Club Hotel
Across the street from the Shaw Festival Theatre in picture-pretty Niagara-on-the-Lake this boutique hotel which is part of the Niagara’s Finest Hotels collection appears historic from the façade.

But as soon as you walk through the portico it’s modern, hip and contemporary.Shaw Club Lounge

There’s a wonderful guest lounge with computer stations, a flat screen TV and plush lounge chairs located off the entrance. It’s easy for printing out boarding passes too.

Shaw Club Hotel Room

I loved the whole fresh, urban feel that the proprietor obviously wishes in attracting city dwellers comme moi for a countryside retreat. The rooms have cool tones, a massive wall HDTV with some terraced rooms that have French doors that open overlooking the popular theatre.

Shaw Club Hotel WCI couldn’t get over the green fish dish in the bathroom (which guests can purchase — these are fish bowls) and yes, The Shaw Club offers guests a complimentary fish bowl of their choice with a pet fish for the stay. If you like Nemo so much the fish in the fishbowl can be purchased.

The surprise: The loo again – this time the W.C. has once been lauded as Canada’s best restroom. You need to pay a latrine visit to take my word for it.

You can make your booking at the hotel websites or check rates at Room rates are seasonal. For a standard room, the low season nightly rates start from CDN$151 at Prince of Wales Hotel and CDN$175 at the Shaw Club Hotel.

If those two are booked, check other options on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls here:

Photography by Ilona Kauremszky + supplied. Prince of Wales Hotel and The Shaw Club Hotel hosted Hotel-Scoop Reviewer Ilona Kauremszky and neither approved this editorial.

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