Sing Karaoke at Art Infused Hotel Revival in Baltimore

handpainted walls at Hotel Revival

I hurried back to Hotel Revival in Baltimore, Maryland before the B-side Karaoke Bar closed for the night. After enjoying “Aladdin” by the Broadway touring company at the historic Hippodrome Theatre, I didn’t want to miss an opportunity for another Baltimore moment. Hotel Revival is set up for moments.

Baltimore Album Quilt patterned wall paper at Hotel Revival in Baltimore

Baltimore Album Quilt patterns are the inspiration for the wallpaper

First, it’s trendy and gorgeous. If you love textures, colors and art, you’ll be in your element. Locally-curated art by Paradigm Gallery is used throughout and arranged to look more like it’s in a person’s up-scale home than in a hotel. The artwork by local and international artists are a mix of styles that capture the essence of creativity.  The neon sign at the reception desk touting “Let your life proceed by its own design” is a testament to Hotel Revival’s sense of fun. 

Throughout this hotel that went through a multi-million dollar renovation in 2016, playfulness is mixed with elegance and a bit of Baltimore history. The wallpaper of the stairs leading down to the B-side Karaoke Bar is based on 1800s Baltimore Album Quilt designs. In the lobby, the hand-painted trees of the wall murals were inspired by what was once “Howard Woods” when this area was untamed.

Hotel Revial's Common Area

The attention given to furniture groupings, lighting, shelves filled with books to browse and accent pieces, plus the abundance of board games create a mood for interacting and settling in. Looking at the games is a nostalgia producing past time. Mystery Date and Candyland are among the mix that includes Apples to Apples and Battleship.  

Topside Bar Hotel Revival

On the 14th floor, Topside, the rooftop bar and restaurant has an element of play as well. Games and a Foosball table are part of the decor. But, the panoramic views of Baltimore are enough of a reason to head here. At night, the view is stunning, particularly the view of Washington Monument and the Beaux-Arts architecture of the Mt. Vernon neighborhood. I headed here before my evening out, opting for a craft beer, one of the 30 beers on tap. Cocktails are another specialty. Food options include Maryland flavors like crab cakes and cream of crab soup. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and brunch are served.

Guest room at Hotel Revival

My king room matched the artistic, creative vibe of the rest of the hotel. I loved the colors and textures combination created by the oxidized oak furniture, art, and draperies. I noticed a vintage 60s, throwback feel with a modern twist.  Each piece was a perfect match including the three pieces of artwork grouped together and the small table and chairs set.  The mid-20th century designs of the wallpaper and drapes add to the visual richness of the room. 

Art grouping in guest room at Hotel Revival

Art grouping in guest room

Like the rest of the space, the bathroom’s white tile and white marble sink had the same upscale, vintage vibe, and the Jonathan Adler bath amenities and plush towels add in a bit of luxury. 

Although the room had a 49-inch flat screen TV and plenty of plugs, a hairdryer, and a mini-fridge, there wasn’t a coffee maker. There wasn’t complimentary coffee served in the lobby either. This was the disappointment with this hotel stay.

What wasn’t a disappointment at all was the B-side Karaoke Bar. As luck would have it, a friend of the bartender was visiting from California. As we talked over a beer, our karaoke stories rolled out. The bartender treated us to a couple of rounds in one of the three karaoke rooms. 

It’s a good idea to have a private room. We sounded awful, but what fun. There is a Sing ‘n Stay package where 30 minutes of karaoke is included in the room rate. Basically, this adds $1 to the room. 

I booked my room through for $155.  Rates currently run from $128 to $828 on the official website. Hotel Revival is a Joie de Vivre property which is part of the Hyatt Group.  

Post and photos by Jamie Rhein

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