Sheraton Casino Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico

While staying at the Sheraton Casino Hotel in San Juan–not to be confused with the Old San Juan one–I lazed by the pool, attended a conference, had a great burger across the street, and listened to some good live music. Oh, and won $140 playing blackjack. So I have good memories of this Puerto Rico Sheraton. 

Sheraton casino hotel San Juan Puerto Rico

I was in town for a travel writers’ conference where we had meetings and presentations part of the time, then explored the city part of the time. It wasn’t hard to explore the new Distrito T-Mobile entertainment zone since it’s right across the street from this hotel, just past the fountains. I could see all its colorful lights from my window. 

The Distrito T-Mobile is a big entertainment complex that feels like a shopping mall with no stores. It is full of interesting bars and restaurants offering a wide variety of tastes, plus it also hosts concerts, has a movie theater, and even its own zipline. I had a great meal with a Puerto Rican craft beer at La Burguesia. I was glad I didn’t order a shake because with all the things piled on top it looked like each one contained a day’s worth of calories. The other nine options include Asian, Mexican, pizza, and local fare.  

In the same area is the sleek new convention center, billed as the most advanced in the Caribbean and powered by 20,000 solar panels. If you’re attending something there, your best bets are this Sheraton Puerto Rico or the new Aloft San Juan (also part of Marriott, but usually a bit cheaper). 


Pool and Public Areas at Sheraton Puerto Rico Casino Hotel 

I was picturing a typical Sheraton convention hotel before I arrived and didn’t have high hopes. I’ve seen many in the USA and abroad that feel a bit dated and tired since Sheraton is one of the oldest hotel brands out there. This one in San Juan has been through major renovations over the years though and in many ways it feels like a new property. 

Sheraton Puerto Rico reception desk

The first impression is a great one, with a dramatic reception desk area that has changing colored lights behind the check-in area, then an expansive lobby beyond that with an open-area bar and lounge. Even with the place relatively full when we were there, that bar area never got overcrowded and there was often some kind of musical act performing. 

There’s another bar up by the rooftop infinity pool, a beach bar kind of place with casual seating and snack food on the menu. Waiters also wind their way around the lounge chairs to see if anyone needs some refreshment. 

The pool here is quite impressive, a long infinity one with a view and ample deck space for all the guests taking a break from work. There’s a warmer pool at the end with a waterfall splashing down. 

Most of the meals we ate there were banquet-style because I was attending a conference, so I only sat down at the main restaurant, Choices Urban Bistro, for breakfast. That was a big buffet affair with a good spread of international and Puerto Rican food items. It also serves lunch and dinner. 

main bar at the San Juan convention hotel

Perhaps because there is so much available just across the street, the other choices here are just a sushi menu at the lobby bar and a casual coffee shop with pastries, sandwiches, and the like off the side of the lobby. 

If you need to work a little off, there’s an excellent gym here with a wide range of good equipment. There are more than a dozen cardio machines, almost as many weight machines, and some free weights. There’s also a spa at this Sheraton if you need a massage. 

Casino at the Sheraton San Juan Convention Center

The casino is considered a separate enterprise from the hotel, though it’s a short stroll from the lobby to enter it, with its striking bar greeting you when you arrive. There’s another restaurant tucked away inside here, plus wait staffers bringing complimentary drinks to the gamblers.

There are no video poker machines at this casino, but lots of slot machines and the usual table games with reasonable minimum bets. This is a lively casino with friendly staffers and dealers. Plus the bar is an attractive one that’s a nice alternative to the lobby option. 

San Juan casino bar at the Sheraton Puerto Rico

Rooms at the Sheraton San Juan

This particular Sheraton’s rooms were in the midst of getting a renovation when I was there, with easels by the elevators showing off the new look to come. They were working on one floor at a time starting at the top (including a Bonvoy lounge update), bringing on a more contemporary look with a neutral color scheme. 

Rooms are comfortable and well-equipped regardless, with rolling desk chairs, a white patterned armchair, cushioned headboards, and plenty of space for storing your clothing. Multiple lamps include two bedside ones with built-in outlets. The TV gets an array of channels in Spanish and English. All have safes, irons, coffee makers, and good blackout curtains. 

San Juan hotel room

Baths are rather standard hotel ones with basic toiletries provided. The Deluxe rooms have a private furnished balcony with a view. The suites all have a separate living room, while the Presidential Suite adds an outdoor living room on a terrace plus a much grander bathroom. 

Rooms on the club floor have access to a private lounge that serves coffee and soft drinks throughout the day, adult beverages for two hours in the early evening. 

Booking the Sheraton in Puerto Rico

This hotel is part of the sprawling Marriott empire, so you can earn Bonvoy rewards points here. It’s better to do that than to cash any in here because your room won’t really be free. “A destination fee equal to 18 percent of the daily rate or USD 30 per day on Bonvoy redemption stays applies” Ouch.

Valet parking is around $25 per day but if you come without a car, this hotel is not too far from the airport (about 15 minutes) and there’s a free shuttle running several times a day to old San Juan and one of the beach areas. 

Rates usually start between $200 and $250 per night, but that’s for a prepaid hotel room with more restrictions than a Spirit Air plane ticket. Then you have to add taxes and a bait-and-switch “destination fee” that’s even more. The only extra you get for that fee is use of the shuttle and two welcome drinks at the bar. And you only get those the first day, then you’re basically paying 18% a day for nothing unless you have a high Bonvoy elite status. 

So understand going in that a room that’s listed at $230 will really cost you $300 after all the extra fees levied by the Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel and Casino. See the official hotel site prices here, then check them against

This is not a cheap island to visit, so those rates are actually in line with the norm here, plus there are variations depending on the time of year, whether there’s a convention in town, etc. For other options in San Juan, see our reviews of O:LV Fifty-Five and the San Juan Marriott

Review and photos by editor Tim Leffel, who paid for his room at a group conference rate for a meeting of the North American Travel Journalists Association. As always, all opinions are his own. 

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