Los Suspiros: Comala’s Newest Boutique Hotel

We’ve already written about the growing tourism in the town of Comala, Colima, which in 2002 was designated a Pueblo Magico by the Mexican government and who now boast several good B&Bs for travelers who aren’t looking for a simple day trip, but would like to stick around for awhile. Los Suspiros is one of the newest B&Bs to set up shop.

Los Suspiros hotel

Opened in 2017, the hotel immediately grabbed the spotlight by winning a silver medal for Remodeling and Restuaration in the 5th Biennial Mexican Architecture Regional awards.  The owner of the hotel, architect Oscar Gonzaléz has painstakingly renovated his grandmother’s former home into a 9-bedroom boutique hotel complete with outdoor bar and swimming pool.

There are only a handful of nice options for staying in Comala, Los Suspiros and Casa Alvarada topping the list. Los Suspiros has a slightly more upscale vibe to the common areas like the swimming pool centrally located in the middle of the outdoor restaurant, the lush backyard garden and the hotel’s two reading rooms with modern furniture and bright accents.

However, rooms range quite widely, with the cheapest option (standard) barely more than a double bed and a private bath. These standard rooms are on the hotel’s first floor, and while completely sufficient for a night’s stay tend to be dark and do not have air conditioning. The standard option at Casa Alvarada far surpasses them for the price.

Los Suspiros hotel bedroom

The junior and master suites are well worth the upgrade, with much more space, air conditioning, king and queen-

Los Suspiros hotel dining

sized beds and a view of the gardens as they sit on the second floor. There is also a few garden rooms for extra privacy and quiet. All rooms inlcude a bottle of the town’s famous ponche as a souvenir, free wifi, and television, while the master suite also includes a large dressing room and jacuzzi bath.

All rooms also include a complimentary breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant of classic Mexican dishes like chilaquiles as well as omelettes and more international fare. The rest of the day their restaurant, El Zarzo, offers a menu of international food — crepes, baguette sandwiches, and some Mexican dishes. Make sure to ask the kitchen staff if you want some regional dishes, they are extremely accomodating with requests.

The hotel is just blocks from the town’s main plaza and steps from the La Mejor bakery at the end of the street that will draw you in with the smell of fresh baked bread early in the morning. The town’s famous shade grown coffee will also be on the table at Los Suspiros and select art from the regional decorates the walls.

Los Suspiros hotel sitting area

Offering one of the best stays in Comala, Los Suspiros is a welcome addition to a town looking to attract more than just pass-through tourism. The hotel is a delightful stay in a central location, with all of Comala’s charms at your fingertips. Rooms range from 78 to 136usd. +52 1 312 136 1969

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