Hotel Galant Lednice – Convenience, culture and hospitality in South Moravia

If you decide to explore the UNESCO world heritage site of the Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape in the Czech Republic, it’s really all about soaking up the culture, taking in the rolling hillsides dotted with established vineyards and exploring the interplay of Baroque, Romantic and neo Gothic elements in the castles of Lednice and Valtice. It’s even about sipping some of their regional wines as Valtice is called the capital city of wine.

The Lednice-Valtice valley is located in South Moravia, not far from Brno, Czech Republic’s second-largest city but without the crowds of Prague. There is more of a rural cultural charm and country grandeur to this region.

I was with a group of fellow travel writers touring the area on our way back to Prague. We stayed one night at Hotel Galant Lednice – a four-star hotel conveniently located in the center of all the cultural action.  A UNESCO world heritage site, The Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape is a unique interpretation of architecture and a designed cultural landscape that have been shaped over time.

The hotel bills itself as a 4-star, but you should keep in mind that these are European standards usually related to the variety of services offered rather than with a focus on the plushness. (They offer Wi-Fi, free parking, outdoor swimming pool, spa, meeting facilities, cultural restaurant and bar, wine cellar, free breakfast buffet and 24-hour services.) With that being said, I would classify the accommodations as a 3+ by American standards because of the liberal size of the rooms, amenities, and ultra-chicness of the bathroom. Beds are typically European, with focus more on efficiency and clean lines than downy comfort.

The friendliest reception staff checked us in, people who also happened to speak English. In my brief dialogue, I discovered that for our evening meal we would be experiencing authentic Moravian food along with a program of cultural music and dancing of locals in native attire. It would be accompanied by local wines. As it turned out, it was loads of fun and culturally entertaining. A definite highlight of my stay.

I was assigned to room #207, a spacious and adequately equipped room with two twin beds and the most colorful and cutest of bathrooms. Plus, I had a view of town, albeit it included some local graffiti on nearby walls.


Since my stay was in early May, air-conditioning was not an issue. I don’t remember if my room had a/c, but did read that some of the rooms don’t and that it’s best to ask for a/c when checking in to the hotel.


The Booking

Rates fluctuate based on season and day of the week/weekend, running generally between $112 USD to $125 USD per night during June. As might be expected, summer is high season. The 50-room hotel is also a popular choice with locals. You can make reservations through or directly with Czech Hotels.


The Hotel Galant Lednice excels in friendly service, authentic Moravian cuisine and cultural music and dancing. If you want convenience and a taste of local culture, this hotel offers up both in a friendly environment.

Hotel review by Albuquerque-based travel & food writer/photographer Karin Leperi. She was hosted for a night while in the Czech Republic. All photos and text by Karin Leperi.


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