Flower City Hotel – Convenience and Affordability in Lima, Peru

All international flights go through Lima, Peru for anywhere in the country. That includes the popular destination of Cusco and Machu Picchu as well as Iquitos, the gateway city to the Amazon. Unfortunately, many of the international flights, especially to the United States, leave Lima about 1:00 am in the morning. Many arrivals, come about 7:00 am after a red-eye overnight flight.

What I have always wanted is an affordable hotel close to the Lima Airport that is safe and doesn’t break the bank. There are two airport hotels – one at the airport, Hotel Costa del Sol Wyndham Lima Aeropuerto, and the Holiday Inn Lima Airport, about a 5 minute shuttle ride  (complimentary) just outside the airport. Both will set you back anywhere from $125- 250+ USD. That’s why I was ecstatic when I found an alternative hotel.

Hotel Flower City (also known as Hotel Chifa Flower City) is about a 20-minute taxi drive from Lima airport in Peru. It is located close to Plaza Norte in what is known as Los Olivos district.

Exterior photo of Hotel Flower City at Twilight
Here you will find affordability, convenience, and basic Western-type luxuries such as air-conditioning, large rooms, and comfortable bedding with panoramic views of Lima. Please be advised that the English is somewhat limited and you need to speak Spanish or use a translator. In my case, it helped that my husband is Peruvian and speaks Spanish. But when I am by myself, my google translator was very useful.

And equally important is that it serves as a value-based overnight stay (3-Star) that is close to Peru’s only international airport. If you want to stay at local airport hotels, expect to pay about $125 USD plus. If you stay at Hotel Flower City, expect to pay around $35 USD per night.

Young girl on couch in Matrimonial Suite
As many international flights leave Lima after midnight, this is also an affordable alternative. Catch some rest, then leave for the airport at a fraction of what you pay for Lima airport hotels.

The Room

The beds are clean and comfortable. For the small difference in price, about $3 USD per night, it is wise to upgrade to the matrimonial suite. You get a panoramic view of Los Olivos, though the windows may be dirty. Plus, you are only a $2.00 USD taxi ride from the major shopping center of Plaza Norte. Here you will find just about anything you could find in a major shopping mall.

King-size bed at Hotel Flower City

This is a secret most locals know about, but few international travelers have yet to discover.

There is an adjoining Chinese restaurant. However, my experience was less than stellar (I am being kind) and I would recommend you eat at many of the other local restaurants.

Or take a quick trip to Plaza Norte. Here you will find Starbucks and many other food outlets. Plaza Norte is only 5 minutes away and is one of the largest, most modern shopping centers in Lima. 

The Rate

Rates run from about $20-40 USD per night. All major credit cards are accepted. Some of the smaller, budget rooms have no air-conditioning. For only several dollars more, go with the larger rooms with air-conditioning. We booked the matrimonial suite for about $35 USD per night. Complimentary WiFi is included in the rate.

You can book directly through the hotel’s facebook page.

The author and her husband stayed a total of 7 nights and paid full rate. As always, all opinions are based on the author’s experience. All photos are credited to Karin Pezo unless otherwise noted.

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