Denthis Hotel on the Scenic Road Between Sparta and Kalamata

The Peloponnese Peninsula of Greece may not be as well-known as some of the islands getting planeloads of beach-goers, but it’s hard to top the variety of landscapes you encounter there. You can experience a few of them in one day when driving between the Mystra Byzantine ruins near Sparta to the coastal city of Kalamata. Nestled in the mountains is the enticing Denthis Hotel for a cool break in between. 

Denthis Hotel Greece near Kalamata

We always like it when there’s some history behind where we’re staying and this being Greece, that history can go back a few millennia. Hotel Denthis was named after a type of wine made nearby that was probably one of the first in the world to appear. Then “Denthaliatis was the name of the current region of Alagonia with the 6 villages west of Taygetos during the Homeric years.” Yes, there have been people walking these hills (and drinking wine after) since before the time of The Odyssey.  

It’s hard to imagine a much better place to relax and have your own choice of drink while looking out at the mountains and villages of this highland area than this lovely hotel by Mount Taygetos. It’s a nice stopping-off point on the scenic road between Sparta and Kalamata, but more than a few guests are from those cities, coming to cool off in the summer or see the snow in the winter. 

Dining, Drinking, and Diversions at Denthis

view from reception and lobby Artemisia hotel

This mountain hotel is not large, but it has a full bar, full restaurant, and outdoor patio space where you can enjoy the view with coffee. The patio and room balconies do face the road, but that road is for scenic drives and locals more than being a thoroughfare, so it’s seldom busy or noisy. 

The main room is a multi-purpose rectangle that starts with reception, followed by long wood plank table with chairs to one side and sofas with a TV and a mountain view on the other. That flows into the bar area, then the restaurant area with several sitting areas in and out. Staffers at all of them speak passable English and they make up for any shortcomings with helpful friendliness. 

The bar area has some local specialties beyond Ouzo including wine from the Peloponnese and Sparta craft beer. The restaurant serves all meals and has an admirable selection considering the size of the property. (Though it is open to the public as well.) About half the menu is Greek staples but there are pasta options, nice salads, and sandwiches also. 

It’s worth coming to breakfast hungry here because you’ll have plenty of tempting goodies laid out in front of you. This was our platter for two, accompanied by some pastries I couldn’t fit into the shot,  tea/coffee, and juice. 

breakfast spread included in the rates

This is mostly a place where you kick back and relax instead of trying to “see the sights,” though in theory you could use it as a base to go explore Mystras, Messini, Kalamata, and other attractions that are less than two hours away in different directions. If you’re up for some exercise though, there is a small gym on site and there are a few hikes you can do along mountain roads that will take you into nearby villages. We did one of those on our full day and got some great photos of misty mountains, hillside houses, and a friendly goat with horns. 

If you’d rather ride a bike, you can take a regular bicycle for a spin or borrow their eco-friendly Coco-Mat bike made from bamboo. Staffers can arrange horseback riding at a nearby facility and there’s a masseuse on call most weeks for an in-room massage, though she was unavailable during our visit. 

There’s a swimming pool in a room filled with natural light, but it’s more of a plunge than anything, a place to cool off in the summertime and then stretch out on a lounge chair with a book. 

hotel with pool Peloponnese Mount Taygetos

Denthis Hotel Rooms in the Peloponnese

Most of the guest rooms here are similar in size and layout, with two beds apart or an actual king bed, not just two beds pushed together in the European way. There are a few other options though: a small single room for solo travelers, a room with a sofa bed that could accommodate a family, and a larger family suite that can sleep up to four. It’s one large room, but with a partition in the middle and high ceilings. 

If you have a family and really want a unique experience, go for the one-bedroom house, which really is a renovated house. It is a loft-style duplex on two levels with exposed stone everywhere and comes with its own courtyard, large fireplace in the living room, and a washing machine. 

Ours was a Superior King room with a balcony and came with a smart TV, robes, slippers, and a very comfortable bed. There was a desk, but I ended up working outside on the balcony instead to take advantage of the view. 

room with balcony hotel denthis

All rooms here have air conditioning, though it does tend to be significantly cooler here than at sea level. Parking is free at this hotel and if you have an electric car, they have a charging station. 

Booking a Room

There are only 10 rooms at the Dethis Hotel, so plan ahead, especially if you’re going to be arriving in the busy summer months. Get in touch with staffers directly at the official website (in Greek and English) if you have special needs, but be advised there’s no actual rate check or booking system there. 

To handle it more quickly, head to this link at and choose your room. 

Rates generally run $90 to $165 per night for the double rooms, including breakfast and taxes, though in some months there is a two-night minimum. Take it and relax!

Review and photos by editor Tim Leffel. He was hosted at the property for purposes of review. 


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