Cnaan Village: Luxury and Romance Overlooking the Sea of Galilee

Israel’s Sea of Galilee, famously known as a repository of history with particular resonance for Christians and Jews, is an important tourist destination also by virtue of its sheer natural beauty. As such, the country’s only freshwater lake also attracts vacationers primarily seeking to relax while enjoying panoramic views of its serene blue waters — such as the vistas from the guest units of the intimate and charming Cnaan Village Boutique Hotel and Spa

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What is perhaps most amazing is that the stunning views may be seen from everywhere in this Galilee hotel – your bed, your whirlpool bath, or your private garden. Each of the property’s five bungalow suites have been designed with this north-south view in mind (thus offering a different perspective from the more common east-to-west or west-to-east vantage points). 

Moreover, the tranquility that derives from soaking in the majesty of nature is a priority for Cnaan Village. For this reason, the maximum number of guests that can be accommodated at any one time is 15 – and none of them will be children under the age of 13. 

As noted, each guest unit boasts a secluded garden overlooking Lake Kinneret (as the Sea of Galilee is called locally), where a table and chairs enhance the experience, especially if one is inclined to add morning coffee or an evening glass of wine to the visual dimension. The coffee (or tea) and wine (or soft drinks), by the way, are handily available from the moment of check-in, as the liquid component of the suite’s generous package of complimentary refreshments – which also include such goodies as chocolates and fresh fruit. 

Indoors, each suite is furnished with a wide, comfortable bed just steps away from the huge circular Jacuzzi bath, which itself is close to the efficient wood stove that heats the entire room in winter. The smart TV with large LCD screen is cleverly positioned so that it may be viewed from either the bath or the bed. Naturally, free WiFi extends to all guest units and public areas. 

The bathroom as well lives up to the suite’s high standards, complete with spacious shower stall equipped with dual showerheads and sink and counter area designed for two people. The pampering Sea of Spa amenities, plush bathrobes, slippers and soft, thick towels complete the picture.   

The kitchenette is equipped with an espresso machine and selection of premium coffees, along with a partially stocked mini refrigerator containing mineral water and other cold drinks, all free of charge. Thoughtfully, there is an assortment of cups, glasses suitable for each beverage. 

Nor does the food and beverage service stop at the suite. The Village Lobby is like a coffee house where a complimentary spread of baked treats and dried fruit is available all day long. There is even chilled Lambrusco in the summer and hot cider or wine in the winter. 

The lobby is also where you will find the heated pool, which is open to the cloudless sky in summer and enclosed in the winter. At tables around the pool is also where you will be served an ample complimentary breakfast — granola, cheeses, rolls, jams, salads. and eggs cooked to order. Or, enjoy your morning meal in your room or private garden. 


Aside from lounging around the pool or in your own whirlpool, the ultimate relaxation is also on offer in the Cnaan Village Spa, whose dry sauna and Jacuzzi are also part of any stay at the property. In addition, guests may book a variety of spa and massage treatments – individually or as a couple – at 10% off the rates for the general public.

When in constant relaxation mode it might be tempting to stay put, but you are also in the heart of sightseeing and recreation country, from water sports and excursions on the lake to historical sites in Bethsaida (right across the road), Capernaum, Tiberias and the Golan Heights.  

While there is no restaurant on-site serving dinner, there are plenty of fine dining establishments in close proximity, featuring a wide range of cuisines, from steakhouses and Arabic food to Italian and farm-to-table. The staff can provide a list of recommended places, or even arrange for a local chef to cater a gourmet meal on your doorstep.  

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Published rates: $391-$488 per couple per night, including breakfast (prices vary by season and holidays). There is a minimum stay of two nights. A third person may be accommodated in a suite for an additional charge ($91).  You can also compare rates and book your stay on one of the many booking sites such as or Expedia.

Text and photos by Buzzy Gordon, who was a guest of  the hotel for purposes of review.

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