When in Las Vegas – MGM New York-New York or MGM Luxor?

Las Vegas is increasingly a draw for many guests visiting from California and beyond. And you might be surprised by the numbers of international guests checking out the Las Vegas scene. The draw of top-name talent, a robust culinary scene, and the lure of becoming an instant millionaire, proves to be an irresistible combination for many looking for a respite from the demands of work stress and daily life.

The choices for hotel accommodations are many and range from 2-star to 5-star overnight stays. In particular, MGM has a  big presence in Las Vegas with their hotels aimed at various price points. 

New York-New York or Luxor?

My husband and I stayed at the MGM New York-New York Las Vegas Hotel & Casino for 2 nights and then on our most recent visit, the MGM Luxor Hotel & Casino for 3 nights. I chose the Luxor the second time around because the savings were about $10-15 USD per night. But I soon found out that the differences between the two hotels were many. 

New York-New York Las Vegas


This hotel is all about glitz and New York sophistication. Outside, they offer a roller coaster ride not meant for the queasy of stomach. It’s known as The Big Apple Coaster. Inside, the rooms are colorful, yet spacious. Theatrical, but with class. Urban appeal.

Food choices are many. In particular, my husband and I enjoyed Gonzalez y Gonzalez for outstanding Mexican cuisine and for their tequila bar. We would definitely eat there again. And again. 


Parking is extra, about $18 per night in general parking.

Resident entertainment at New York-New York includes the Mad Apple by Cirque du Soleil. You can save substantially by buying tickets the night of the performance. This is an outstanding show with a very New York vibe.



The Luxor definitely has a mystic appeal, being that it is in the shape of a pyramid. Makes for some interesting engineering dynamics on the elevators. 


Elevators tend to be crowded many times, with long lines and people waiting sometimes over 10 minutes. Usually, only one of the four elevators was working.

The rooms are scaled down from what New York-New York has to offer. The low ceilings made our room feel small and cramped. Our bed felt worn and lumpy. My assessment was that the mattress was overdue for replacement.

However, counter space in the bathroom was spacious. The shower had excellent pressure and provided hot water quickly, even though we were on the 19th floor.

Amenities are few, with no bottled water provided and no in-room coffee maker. Bathroom toiletries are less than premium.

Some sites rate this as a 4-star hotel, but I would never give it that status. It’s maybe a 3.5-star at best. 

Food choices are mediocre: Nothing was outstanding. Essentially, restaurants were overpriced for just average cuisine. Best to venture outside the pyramid complex for better food selection.

Resident entertainment at Luxor includes the long-running Blue Man Group and Carrot Top. 

Parking is extra and is about $18 per night. But be advised, that if there are special events happening next door, which is often on the weekends, access to the general parking is blocked and you must use valet parking. I complained about this to the front desk when I checked out, and they waived the extra up-charge for valet. I was left with the impression this happens often.

The Rates

For the best rates online as well as special packages, book directly with New York-New York and Luxor. Or check Expedia, Priceline, or Booking.com for competitive prices. Prices can vary dramatically depending on season, day of the week, and room type.  If there are big-name events happening close by, expect prices to follow the rules of “supply-and-demand”. The bigger the name, the pricier the rooms will be.

Luxor is currently offering a Senior Discount of an additional 5% off the flexible rate. Use offer code: TSNRA. Also, first responders, military, and AAA are offered a 25% discount.

Please be aware that for both MGM properties quoted prices are for the hotel room only and DO NOT include the resort fee or taxes. The resort fee is oftentimes as much as the cost of the hotel room.

For the money, we much preferred New York-New York over the Luxor. It was a combination of superior service, better amenities, more quality food choices, and better nightly entertainment.

And whatever nightly room rate you are able to snag, expect the total price to be about twice that by the time you add resort fee, taxes, and daily parking. 

For reviews of other themed hotels in the Las Vegas area, check out this review on Paris Las Vegas hotel.

Karin Leperi Pezo is a writer and photographer living in Peru. She and her husband paid full fare for two nights at NYNY and 3 nights at the Luxor.  All photos are by Karin Pezo, unless otherwise noted.  As always, all opinions are those of the author.

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