Swim, Play & Stay at Glenwood Hot Springs Resort, Colorado

If your perfect vacation includes soaking in restorative hot springs in a mountain town destination, then Glenwood Springs, Colorado, is your family vacation destination — and your romantic getaway. You’ll also want to include a stay at Glenwood Hot Springs Resort — and Travel Writer Diana Rowe has the scoop.

Aerial view of Glenwood Hot Springs Resort -- and the Glenwood Hot Springs pool is the size of a football field. Photo: Glenwood Hot Springs

Since 1988, Glenwood Hot Springs Resort  has been considered the iconic hot springs property in Glenwood.  After all, its amenities include the largest mineral hot springs pool in the world.  But more than that, this 107-room lodge also includes a health-based athletic club — and all of this is surrounded by the regal Rocky Mountains. And of course, Glenwood Springs is a beautiful Colorado 160-mile mountain road trip from Denver.

Arrival in Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Located behind the hot springs pool, check into the Glenwood Hot Springs Resort in Glenwood Springs, Colorado

We divided our spring break family vacation between two resorts: the Glenwood Hot Springs Resort for the first night and the Historic Hotel Colorado for the second.  These two hotels were literally side-by-side and both located across from the Glenwood Hot Springs pool.  The location couldn’t be more perfect as travelers can park their car and walk across the Colorado River bridge to downtown Glenwood with its shopping, restaurants, and entertainment (where the Hotel Denver is located).

However, for returning travelers (like me), the new roundabout right off I-70 can be confusing, and I actually first arrived at the Hot Springs pool and spa passing by the resort, but the spa staff guided me back behind the hot springs to arrive at the resort.

Glenwood Hot Springs Resort Lobby, Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Check-in is right inside the front entrance. The front lobby features tall ceilings and living-room-like feel with cozy corners and leather couches – perhaps a bit dated, but warm and welcoming. There is also coffee and tea available. The second floor includes a banister overlooking the lobby, and for those with cars, the parking is located in the back with access through that 2nd floor.

Glenwood Hot Springs Resort lobby, Warm and cozy with leather and wood accents.. Photo Credit: Diana Rowe

The elevator is around the corner behind the lobby, and we loaded up a luggage cart (no valet or bell staff available).

Accommodations at the Glenwood Hot Springs Resort

We located our basic double queen room without any issues, with a view of the back of the building and parking lot.  I actually preferred this as we left our car parked and it was nice to be able to see it — and hit the remote start in the morning to warm up the car when getting ready to go snowboarding at Sunlight Mountain Resort.

Accommodations at the Glenwood Hot Springs Resort, Glenwood Springs, CO Photo Credit: Glenwood Hot Springs Resort & Diana Rowe

Our 288 square feet standard room offered 2 queen beds with that picture window view of the parking lot. There was also a work desk area, large entertainment center with TV, closet and separate bathroom — plenty of room for the three of us and our winter accessories.

We Love the Amenities!

What really makes the Glenwood Hot Springs Resort amazing is the unlimited access to the hot springs pool.  Admission to the hot springs pool ranges from $15.75 (value season) to $23.25 (peak weekend) for teens & adults, with discounted rates for ages 2-12, and 2 and under free.  Add that up for a family and that adds up quickly, so included unlimited access when booking here really makes this package worthwhile. For an additional fee, extend the fun by adding water slide admission.

Glenwood Hot Springs Resort inclludes admissionto the nearby hot springs pool. Photo Credit: Glenwood Hot Springs

But wait there is more.  A made-to-order hot breakfast is also included — and this is not your waffles and overcooked eggs kind of breakfast. This is literally a made-to-order full menu kind of breakfast at The Grill at Glenwood Hot Springs. We stepped up to the grill line and watched the cooks make our eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, and toast right in front of us.  On the right of the grill, other options include to-go-ready burritos (wrapped in aluminum foil), cereal, pastries, milk, juice, and coffee. All included! Awesome!

Relax at the Spa of the Rockies

Spa of the Rockies at Glenwood Hot Springs, Glenwood Springs, Colorado Photo credit: Glenwood Hot Springs

Although we didn’t have time to take advantage of the spa, this spa takes advantage of its primo location next to the healing powers of the hot springs pool by specializing in the health benefits of balneotherapy (mineral hydrotherapy). My sister-in-law lives in Glenwood Springs, and she and my niece often book treatments (facials, massage) at the Spa of the Rockies. She says it’s ah-mazing — and it makes me sad that I missed it this time around.

Convenient Access to Everything Glenwood Springs

As I mentioned previously, the Glenwood Hot Springs Resort is located near downtown Glenwood Springs, where travelers can shop, dine and be entertained by simply walking across the bridge.  A short drive away is the Iron Mountain Hot Springs, a quieter, perhaps more adult-focused hot springs option with hot tubs and a small pool.  For families, be sure to take time to visit the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, a mountaintop theme park.

Room rates start at $179.

Glenwood Springs Resort - REVIEW Hotel-Scoop.com Photo credit: Diana Rowe & Glenwood Springs Resort, Colorado

Photos courtesy of Diana Rowe and Glenwood Hot Springs Resort

Disclaimer: I was provided a hotel room at a discounted media rate in exchange for a review; opinions expressed are my own.

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