Our 11 Most Popular Hotel Reviews – Summer 2014

Residence Inn Courtyard Marriott New York

View from room 6107 of our most popular hotel reviewed this year

Since we cover multiple kinds of accommodation around the world in a purposely haphazard manner, it’s hard to know which hotel reviews are going to strike a chord with readers and when. Sometimes one wallows in obscurity before getting popular a year later, while others get an immediate burst of traffic. Here are the hotels and resorts that have gotten the most views so far this year, from January 2014 onward.

11) The Best Resorts at Walt Disney World – Apparently people like to take the kids to Walt’s amusement park.

10) The Hotel Vermont Reborn in Burlington, VT – A hip designer boutique hotel? In Vermont? Yes indeed, but with a real sense of place too.

9) Historic Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado – The place that inspired The Shining is still an enchanting place to stay in the Rocky Mountains.

8) Boutique Hotel in the Chelsea Neighborhood of NYC – Kimpton’s Eventi hotel offers more than the usual when paying Manhattan prices.

Wyndham Grand Tucson

Wyndham Westward Look

7) Play and Learn Tucson’s Westward Look Wyndham Grand Resort – “What I didn’t anticipate was that I’d chew a mesquite bean, slurp a cactus fruit, and learn how to find my way if I were ever lost in the desert.”

6) The Inn at Mama’s Fish House – We’ve covered bigger and brasher resorts on the Hawaiian island of Maui, but these cottage rentals on a gorgeous beach are a perpetual favorite.

Southern Mansion Cape May5) Victorian Four-Star Splendor at the Southern Mansion in Cape May, NJ – A gorgeous restored 1800s building in one of the East Coast’s most interesting beach towns.

4) Brand New Great Wolf Lodge in New England – we provided an early rundown of the newest Great Wolf Lodge, a chain of family fun water park hotels.

3) Where to Stay in Cartagena, Colombia – an oldie but a goodie, the scoop on the best beach hotels and inns in the historic walled center.

2) Three Top Hotels in Cuetzalan, Puebla in Mexico – an obscure pueblo magico in a Mexican state that doesn’t get many foreign tourists, apparently this captures the imagination.

Cuetzalan magical town hotel

Casa de Piedra Hotel in Cuetzalan

1) New Courtyard by Marriott and Residence Inn New York Manhattan/Central Park – Two brands, $320 million, and the tallest hotel in North America. Maybe sometimes size does matter…

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