Jungle Luxury in Iquitos, Peru – Irapay Amazon Lodge

Where the Jungle and Luxury Intersect

Irapay Amazon Lodge is located in Iquitos, the largest city in the Peruvian Amazon. Though the city may be large by jungle standards, there are only two ways to get there: by plane or boat. No roads lead to Iquitos, thus ensuring some of its remoteness and yet its jungle charm.

The property is about 11 miles from the Iquitos Airport (Coronel FAP Francisco Secada Vignetta International). With advance arrangement, a paid airport shuttle service is available.

Or you can choose to drive. To get to the hotel from the Iquitos airport drive approximately 30 minutes to the port. Later, you  embark on a trip through the Nanay and Momón rivers where you can see beautiful landscapes in a 30-minute journey.

Jungle Lodge with Natural Roof

The Irapay Amazon Lodge Resort in Iquitos

The hotel is set amongst jungle surroundings with manicured gardens and grounds at the lodge. Check-in is relatively easy, with the hotel offering bilingual services. However, my experience is that the English may be minimal at best. So, I was indeed grateful for my Spanish-speaking husband.

Irapay Amazon Lodge Sign

The property has 28 spacious rooms, swimming pool, games room, bar and restaurant.

Outdoor Pool.
The resort is manicured, with gardens on the banks of the Momom river. The food is contemporary and excellent. The pools are beautiful, complete with a swim up bar and a swing in the pool.

Be aware that because of the remote location, you may have limited mobile signal access.

Food & Drink

Food and drink are excellent at this lodge, with most dishes using the freshest of local ingredients.

Pisco Sour with Citrus Slice

Given the location in the middle of the jungle, most typical dishes are prepared based on local products. But for cautious palates, do not fear as international cuisine is also a mainstay for globe-trotting guests. Among some of the typical local dishes is juane, tachono with cecina, suri, patarascha, paiche, among others.

The Room

The rooms are comfortable and are provided with basic luxury. Though somewhat dated, the recent acquisition by Andina suggests that continuing improvements will be made. For now, this is affordable jungle luxury at its best. Just don’t expect the luxurious frills associated with larger city hotels.

Indigenous Culture is Just Around the Corner

Very close to the Irapay Amazon Lodge hotel is the indigenous community of the Bora Bora, where you can learn about their customs and cultural traditions in a re-created environment.

Without a doubt, this is a unique experience where you can share their dances and songs, as well as have the opportunity to purchase some of their local handicrafts.

Nearby are the Yagua people, one of the Amazon indigenous groups that moved here from Colombian border. Learn about some of their customs, dances, and a bit of their language. Hand-made crafts are available for purchase.

Young Bora Children in the Peruvian Amazon

The Rates

For the best rates online as well as special packages, book directly with Casa Andina. Or check Booking.com for competitive prices. Depending on season and room type, rates run from around $153 for a Twin Room with Terrace to $261 for a Quadruple Room with Terrace. A full breakfast is included.

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Karin Pezo is a writer and photographer living part-time in New Mexico and part-time in Peru. She and her husband paid full fare for one night.  All photos are by Karin Pezo, unless otherwise noted.  As always, all opinions are those of the author.


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