Hotel Millersburg: Historic Hub in Ohio’s Amish Heartland

Hotel Millersburg Near Amish Country

First opened in 1847 as a hotel and tavern stagecoach stop, Hotel Millersburg is thought to be the 3rd oldest operating hotel in Ohio. Over the years, additions and updates have added modern conveniences, but history is celebrated throughout. Plus, Hotel Millersburg’s location puts it in the heart of Amish country. 

Holmes County, where Millersburg is the county seat, has the largest Amish population in the United States. Outside the courthouse, across the street from the hotel, hitching posts are available for Amish people who have legal business to attend to and need to park their horse and buggies outside.

Hotel Millersburg, an Ohio History Keeper

With its proximity to small towns like Berlin, Sugarcreek and Charm, Hotel Millersburg is a perfect hub for exploration of the area. It’s also a place to enjoy Midwest hospitality in the midst of a U.S. history lesson. There are 750 antique pictures, calendars and documents throughout the hotel that pay tribute to the Declaration of Independence, the military, exploration and leisure pursuits.

Vintage photographs of Millersburg are part of the bounty. In the Lincoln Room, a common space on the first floor, a section of the original wallpaper is covered with glass. The paper, dating to 1847, was uncovered during a renovation. 

Other common areas like the parlor with a piano that guests can play have a visiting a close relative kind of feel. The staff treat guests like family and see the Hotel Millersburg as a beloved treasure.

Hotel Millersburg lobby

Each of the hotel’s 32 guest rooms from single queen, to two queen to one king, are appointed with antique furnishings and Victorian era art. Several of the lamps and chandeliers were made by the former owners Bill and Shirley Robinson who also hand-painted borders along the top of the hotel’s hall walls. 

Hotel Millersburg guestroom of antiques

Current owners, Dave and Karen Patterson have added in a quilt retreat component to the hotel’s offerings. As a result, gorgeous quilts are incorporated into the decor. 

Hotel Millersburg has quilt making events

Listed on the  National Register of Historic Places, the hotel is worthy of its distinction. Grover Cleveland stayed here in 1900. Electricity was added in 1888. Plus, its location in the center of Millersburg’s historic district, filled with antique stores, boutique shops and independently owned restaurants and cafes, make for a perfect settle into small town Ohio. 

Here is a place locals also gather. Hotel Millersburg’s restaurant, The Tavern serves up breakfast, lunch and dinner that swings towards American comfort food is part of Millersburg’s bar scene. Local wine and beer are on the menu, as well as a wide range of spirits.

A delicious breakfast at Hotel Millersburg

My yogurt parfait with a side of crisp bacon was a perfect light meal breakfast. For heartier fare, I could have headed towards omelets or a huge helping of pancakes. While I was eating, the waitress directed me to the patio as another hotel plus.

Like the rest of the hotel, the patio had seasonal decorations. 


Patio at Hotel Millersburg in Millersburg, Ohio

Room costs range from $109 to $149.00 from the hotels website. Or check out a deal at or Expedia.

Post and photos courtesy of Jamie Rhein

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