Hotel Everest: Friendly and family-run in Pushkar, India

Rooftop restaurant offers drinks and food with a view

A friend of mine recently returned from a trip to India where Pushkar was a highlight. Pushkar, known as a holy pilgrim site for Hindus and host to the Pushkar Camel Fair each November, is a must-see for those traveling through Rajasthan.

I’ve been there twice, the last time when I was 8 months pregnant and traveling with my husband and elementary school-aged daughter. Yes, it is possible to be hoisted onto a camel cart if being graceful is not a concern.

A room with a balcony

On our visits, I found Pushkar’s medieval architecture splendid, and its pace laid back in comparison to Jaipur, the backdrop for the recent movie “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.”

Because our last visit was a few years ago, I was curious about where my friend stayed.

He could not say enough about  Hotel Everest. After reading about the hotel myself, I can see the appeal, particularly in the description of the Hotel Everest’s rooftop restaurant. Sipping a cool drink and savoring a plate of vegtable pakoras in the evening from the vantage point of Pushkar’s skyline sounds divine.

The cleanliness and price were greatly appreciated by my friend who was traveling solo.  He also liked that the hotel was close to the maze of streets in Pushkar’s center, but that the  lake was far enough away that he could find respite from the holy men who hung out at the ghats, some of whom were on the prowl offering blessings for a price.

As a single, blond haired, blue-eyed guy, my friend said he felt like an easy target. Considered holy, the lake is a major draw to Hindus who come to bathe in its water.


Clean attached bathroom with hot and cold water

Hotel Everest’s 15 double rooms that range from deluxe to standard are airy, colorful and simply decorated. The service, headed up by Bunty, the owner’s son, is the type that turns guests into family. The restaurant’s food also gets rave reviews.

Keeping with the tradition of most Pushkar hotels, alcohol is not served here. Try a lime soda, though. On a hot, dusty day, it’s perfect.

For people on a budget, you can’t beat the price. Rooms start at less than $10 at the current exchange rate.

 Other Hotel Everest plusses are:  air-conditioning, WiFi, same day laundry service, color TV with cable and free bus station pick up.

For a fee, you can get a pick up from the airport or train station. Staff is also available to help with sight-seeing arrangements such as a desert camel ride.

If you’re looking to go more upscale and historic, try the Hotel Pushkar Palace. That’s where we stayed but it was several years ago. I remember loving this hotel for its ambiance and garden areas.

Near Main Gau Ghat, Badi Basti, Pushkar -305022,
Tel. : +91 145 2773417 / 5105103

Reservations can be made online at You can also email Bunty at [email protected]

Cash only accepted as payment.

Photos courtesy of Hotel Everest

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