Hotel Clermont: An Atlanta, Georgia Throw Back Classic

Hotel Clermont Atlanta

When I asked for an unusual or an historic hotel recommendation in Atlanta, Georgia from a person in the know, Hotel Clermont topped the list. No wonder.

flowers in lobby of Hotel Clermont: An Atlanta, Georgia Throw Back ClassicHotel Clermont is one of those hotels in a stand alone category. Vintage, retro, funky, chic, and a bit of fun bawdy tossed in is served up with class.

Opened in 1924, Hotel Clermont has gone through a few changes from apartment building to seedy hotel, to being shuttered in 2009 due to code violations. This is a new era.

After extensive renovations, Hotel Clermont is a transformed wonder. It reopened as a 94 room boutique hotel in 2018. Although the features of the original building remain like the hotel’s marquis sign and brick exterior, the updates have turned the hotel into an Atlanta treasure.

Part of the hotel’s personality is thanks to keeping the basement tenant intact. Located in the basement of the Hotel Clermont, the Clermont Lounge, opened in 1968 (operating independently from Hotel Clermont) is the longest running strip club in Atlanta. Although the hotel and the club are totally separate–you really don’t know the club is there unless someone tells you, there are indicators. Photos in various communal rooms of the Clermont Hotel give a tasteful nod to the women who have gained club fame.

lounge of Hotel Clermont: An Atlanta, Georgia Throw Back Classic

Most décor is a cross between upscale kitsch and a visit to a great aunt’s living room, particularly if your great aunt has a taste for high end vintage lamps and knick-knacks. Think about your favorite antique store and the item you wish you bought. Chances are, you might see it here.

vintage decor at Hotel Clermont in Atlanta, Georgia

From the bar lounge to the common areas appointed like sitting rooms and parlors, there is a visual mix of shelves line with books, vases and small statues. There are board games for guests to play, and plenty of visiting spaces. The Hotel Clermont is a hotel entices people to engage with the space and with each other.

a lobby of Hotel Clermont: An Atlanta, Georgia Throw Back Classic

The staff, from the valets who meet guests upon arrival to the reception desk folks add to the friendly, we’re glad you’re here feeling.

Because of the hotel renovations, what were once smallish rooms are larger to fit today’s standards. Décor is as unique as the rest of the hotel, and the color palate ties in the vintage, retro vibe. In addition to queen and king bed rooms, there are rooms with two twin bunk beds and a separate living area.

guestroom at the Hotel Clermont in Atlanta

Pressed sheets, Flat screen TV, and high-speed WiFi are included in the amenities. Suite rooms have a mini-fridge, bar, and sofa bed. Bathrooms are included in the vintage retro mix. Some rooms have claw foot tubs. Bathroom tiles, mirrors and sinks hearken back to an earlier era but fit a modern taste.

bar at Hotel Clermont, Atlanta

Grabbing food is as simple as heading to Hotel Clermont’s restaurant Tiny Lou’s with its French-American cuisine, the lobby bar where bourbon reigns supreme, the Cafe Clermont where you can grab and go or sit awhile, or head up to the Roof Top for libations and the best views of the city.

Regardless of where you dine or which room strikes your fancy, the Hotel Clermont lives up to the message on its marquis. This is a place to enjoy life for sure.

Room rates range from $189-$439. You can book directly at the Hotel Clermont website where you’ll find the best deals and rewards although you may still want to see if the rates are better on You pick from cash back, future reward travel or donating to charity. Also check out the package page to pair a stay with beverages, movie tickets and more.

Post and photos, except for guest room photo, courtesy of Jamie Rhein

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