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Now, more than ever, people are coming to grips with their stress and burnout. This is even more true post-Covid. But it is just not individual people or couples. Many businesses also recognize the need to help executives, managers, and employees de-stress and follow a path of renewal and wellness.

Welcome to Casa Alternavida in Puerto Rico. Known as a boutique wellness retreat center, it is a place where individuals, couples and groups can prioritize their wellbeing. It’s a place nestled in nature that allows you to rest, recharge, and take care of your health in an integrated and supportive setting.

The focus is on experiencing adventure in nature, eating three organic meals daily, moving the body, and restful sleeping. This is what Casa Alternavida says:

Move Daily, Eat Cleanly, Breathe Deeply, Sleep Soundly, Hydrate Often, Have Fun

Location, location, location

Located only half an hour from San Juan international airport, Casa Alternavida is located between the El Yunque National rainforest and the saltwaters of the Atlantic Ocean. That makes fresh water and saltwater adventures even more enticing. Since the focus is on integration with nature and experiencing the environment, the location integrates both while offering activities such as kayaking, paddleboarding, swimming, and nature walks. 

I came to Casa Alternavida with my husband as part of a travel writer conference. Our focus was to explore new concepts in wellness. Casa Alternavida intrigued us with the combination of yoga, physical activity, meditation, quiet places for reflection, and an amazing offering of natural, healthy food.

This boutique hotel includes a Pre-arrival assessment, a nature inspired room, three organic meals a day, daily guided nature adventures, morning movement class, and refreshments. 

Organic fish with greens

The wellness retreat focuses on integrating relaxation, mind, and body. Be sure to join the morning restorative movement class. It is here where you are guided by local wellness experts on proper breathing techniques, posture, and stretching. Experts will even target your areas of tension with restorative massage. It was amazing for me and definitely worked out knots and kinks that interfered with my energy flow.

Room rates are all-inclusive and feature daily guided nature adventures, tea, infused water, juices, and snacks. 

The wellness center also serves some of the tastiest farm-to-table organic meals you will ever try. My husband and I were both surprised how flavorful and tasty all the food at this retreat was. Thoughtfully prepared with a focus on clean, healthy eating, I would easily opt to go the Casa Alternadiva for just the meal only. But why stop there? Enjoy and benefit from the entire experience.


Blissful Butterfly

Each room is thematic and blends in with the surrounding rainforest theme. Decorated with pops of yellow, the Blissful Butterfly room is a sunny, 2nd floor room with a queen size bed and a desk along with a vintage armoire. Plus, there is a private outdoor shower and patio space covered with passion fruit vines.

Mindful Moth

The Mindful Moth room is also on the 2nd floor, with two large windows that frame a green mango tree.

Room rates vary from $525 – $685 per night based on selected room. You can book directly with Casa Alternavida or through TripAdvisor.

Be advised that this property is very popular for business retreats. Since it is small, be sure to book in advance to ensure they have space for your desired dates.

The author was hosted for daytime activities for purposes of this review. As always, all opinions are those of the author. All photos are by writer/photographer Karin Pezo.

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