Bargain Hotel at Walt Disney World: Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort

For those who follow my hotel reviews, it’s easy to deduce that I’m a big Disney fan. I love visiting both Disneyland and Walt Disney World, and since I live in Colorado, if I’m traveling to Disney, I need lodging. And hotel rooms can get expensive. I had heard about the budget-friendly accommodations at Disney, but until last month, I hadn’t experienced a stay there yet. Say hello to one of their bargain All-Star hotels at Walt Disney World, Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort.

Disney's All-Star Movies Resort review


Located in the Animal Kingdom area, Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort is fun for the entire family, especially movie buffs. The rooms are basic at this property, but the Disney magic is real. This is a massive resort, with 1,920-rooms spread across several outbuildings and “movie neighborhoods.” And the price point is cost-effective and reasonable, and as a Disney resort, guests do reap all the benefits of all other levels of on-site Disney resorts.

Disney's All-Star Movies Resort, Affordable hotel in Walt Disney Resort ara.

Arrival at Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort

One of the advantages of booking a Disney resort is the complimentary airport transportation, via Disney’s Magical Express. Also, if you book your free transfer in advance, you’ll receive luggage tags. Before checking in your bags at the airport, if you add those tags, Disney will automatically pick them up at the airport and transfer directly to your hotel!  It’s magical — although do pack a carry-on bag and include items you might need for the day as the bags are usually not delivered until a few hours or more.

I boarded the bus fairly quickly at the airport, and the Magical Express isn’t always speedy as it does stop at other hotels in the same area. In this case, the bus stopped at the All-Star resorts, which are minutes from each other, so not as big of a delay as usual.

Check-in at Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort

Lobby of Disney's All-Star Movie Resort -

Prior to departure, I downloaded the MyDisneyExperience planning app to manage the Disney theme parks tickets and I’d already received my Magic Bands. It also connects your theme park tickets to your reservations.

Lucky for me, by the time I landed in Orlando, I had received an email that my room was ready (at 10:00 am!), and that email included the building my room was located in and the room number.  That allowed me to bypass the long lines in the lobby in the afternoon (versus in the morning as pictured above). This information was also visible on MyDisneyExperience app.

MyDisneyExperience will email you when your room is ready at Disney resorts.

But Disney resorts are sprawling and not always easy to navigate (even when you click to view a map of your resort hotel!).  Since my family was joining me later, it was just me and my carry-on bag.  I simply stopped a resort employee and asked them to point me the right way.

The Layout of All-Star Movies Resort

Larger than life statues of 101 Dalmations at the Disney's All-Star Movies Resort

Be prepared to feel small as this resort has super-sized icons from favorite Disney movies.  We’re talking towering-above-the-buildings iconic characters from Toy Story, Fantasia, 101 Dalmatians, the Love Bug and The Mighty Ducks (the latter where we stayed).

For kids, this is a fun distraction as guests walk the sidewalks winding around the building. Guests are invited to stop and “chat” with the characters and take selfies and photos.

The Might Ducks area at Disney's All-Star Movie Resorts, Walt Disney World.

Accommodations at Disney’s Value Resort

Since this Walt Disney World resort is rated as budget-friendly, our accommodations were standard and really nothing out of the ordinary.  We only stayed here one night before moving on to our main conference hotel for the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, Disney’s Coronado Springs resort.  The Disney hotel was perfect, providing my multigenerational family of four an afternoon and evening to wind down, relax and sleep before the business of exploring Walt Disney World theme parks.

Standard room at Disney's reasonably priced hotel

Amenities at This Orlando Resort

Since we were on property just over 12 hours we didn’t have a lot of time to enjoy the amenities at the Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort.  I was disappointed that the Mighty Ducks pool area (Duck Pond Pool) was closed, which would have been so convenient just steps away from our room.

But other pool options included the super-sized Fantasia Pool in the center of the resort complex and a wet-play area and wading pool for kids.  There was also a playground and reel fun arcade.

My two-year-old granddaughter did have fun walking the aisles of the on-site shopping with all the usual array of Disney-themed merchandise.

Dining at Disney’s Value Resort

Silver Screens Spirits Bar Orlando

Several options at the World Premiere Food Court, from breakfast to sandwiches to convenience store purchases.  You can also pick up wine and spirits here.  No complaints here on the food — as our sandwiches (burger) and breakfast (egg & ham croissant) were both tasty. The ice cream and sweets shop within the food court is fit for any sweet tooth — and we loved the ice cream and sundaes!

Since I had arrived earlier than my daughter, I did sit at the Silver Screen Spirits Bar and enjoy the Florida sunshine (while my hometown of Denver enjoyed a dollop of winter snowstorm).

Room rates at Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort start at $110. (My rate for 2 children and 2 adults was $146.) Book directly with the Disney Resort. Or, compare rates and book with Priceline or another OTA.

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