Avid Hotel: Cheerful, Sleek and Modern in Staunton, Virginia

When I chose the avid hotel in Staunton, Virginia for a road trip stay, the pull was a hotel brand I hadn’t tried before. I’m glad I did. Even though this hotel was a quick overnight, this avid hotel delivered sleek comfort, modern aesthetics and good cheer.

About the avid Brand

Part of the InterContinental Hotels Group, avid joined the hotel scene in 2017 as a midscale hotel. It is at the same IHG tier level as Holiday Inn Express and Holiday Inn. Currently, there are almost 70 avid hotels across 28 states in the US. According to a February 2022 article in Forbes, avid is the IHG brand that’s growing the fastest. I can see why. One reason is the brand’s “Clean Promise” standard. Developed during the beginning of Covid-19, it is a 50-point check system to make sure the hotel meets the highest standard of cleanliness. I found avid to keep its promise of an enjoyable stay.

Avid hotel, Staunton, VA

Our Stay at an avid hotel

When we pulled into the parking lot of this avid hotel in Staunton, Virginia it was well after dark, and we were tired. The lobby’s brightness and the late-night staff’s cheerfulness was a warm welcome. We quickly checked in and headed to our king room. The large flat screen TV even had a welcome greeting. The “Welcome to Staunton, Jamie” on the screen was a terrific personal touch. Boxes for Live TV, streaming, viewing the bill and FAQ quick fixes made it easy to settle into the room without any fuss. 

King room Avid Hotel

My first impression of the furnishings was Danish design because of the clean lines and aesthetically pleasing colors. Red and turquoise highlights in the soft grey color scheme pull each room feature together. Even though the room was on a smaller side, the furniture fit beautifully in a well thought out placement.

Amenities at Avid HotelThe noise canceling headboard with wall mounted beside lights on either side perfectly fit. Outlets and places to plug in electronics are also well placed. The work desk and chair are sleek and functional.  Instead of a dresser and a closet, there are cubbies, a few hooks and a rack to store, and hang belongs. This open storage concept works well. I tend to leave items behind. With enough space to place suitcases, briefcases, shopping bags, or whatever one hauls in from a car in a proper place, makes settling in a quick endeavor.

I was also impressed by the bathroom. The mirror’s light and turquoise accent wall fit into the room’s design. The mounted J.R. Watkins lotion and hand soap by the sink and the body wash, shampoo and conditioner in the shower were a treat. 

The bed was super comfortable, and the roller blackout curtains helped ensure our good night sleep. We woke up rested and ready to hit the road after breakfast.

Continental breakfast at Avid hotel

Other avid hotel Offerings

Breakfast at an avid hotel is an inviting mix of grab-and-go cold and hot items spaced out from each other in an easy to access mix. Fresh fruit is included. Signage makes finding what one wants a simple process. Like the guest rooms, the turquoise are red color highlights are part of the design.  There’s plenty of seating to spread out. Large floor to ceiling windows adds to the airy feel of this common space. 

Common area Avid Hotel

For folks who want a place to relax and visit, there are well placed couches and chairs in an offshoot section of the lobby where there is also a small business center space for guests to use. 

Exercise room, Avid Hotel

Although our stay was less than 12 hours, I did check out the workout room. It’s spacious with a wide range of equipment including an impressive mix of free-weights. 

The lobby offers coffee 24/7 and Wi-Fi is free. 

I booked our room through Hotels.com. You can also book through the hotel’s website if you want to collect points and a IHG hotel member. Our king standard room is listed at $106. You can book two queen beds for $106 as well.

Post and photos by Jamie Rhein, member of Midwest Travel Journalist Association.

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