A Floating Heaven: Bora Boréal in Southeastern Quebec

If you ever want to drift into the heart of nature, but with luxury and sustainability, Bora Boréal is the place to go. Located around a two-hour drive southeast of Montreal, in the Eastern Townships, this accommodation is unusual.

Bora Boréal opened last October and is just one of many unique accommodations in the Eastern Townships.

This quiet retreat is situated on 46 acres of former farmland surrounded by forests and rolling meadows. The estate’s former homestead has been made into a common pavilion for guests to enjoy. The barn is slated to become a special event venue soon.

Bora Boréal Offers Luxury Accommodation

There are eight floating structures moored along the edge of Lake Batley. Six of them are called MiniBoras and can sleep four. In addition, two are called VillaBoras and can sleep six. Some of them have roof terraces.

I snagged a MiniBora and was delighted with the compact, yet luxurious design.


You can star gaze out the skylight in the loft bedroom at Bora Boréal.




My bed was in the loft, with a skylight cut out of the roof. It was wonderful to star gaze before floating off to sleep. A steep, narrow metal ladder ascended to the loft. This was fine going up. But when nature called in the middle of the night I had to really watch where I was going.

As well as a loft Queen bed, there were large square, padded furniture pieces that could be arranged to sit on, or made into beds.

There is a wood-burning stove in every unit at Bora Boréal.


The space is compact, without a lot of privacy, so this would probably suit kids better than adults.

The VillaBoras, in addition, had a fold-up couch that rose vertically and could sleep another two guests.

Bora Boréal’s Amenities

All units have a woodburning stove (wood provided), a BBQ on the deck outside, a half fridge, and a propane stove top. The cupboards were loaded with gorgeous cups, goblets, plates, and cookware. The drawers were stocked with cutlery. In addition, the sink was hooked up to a container of potable water for drinking and dishwashing (by hand).

The cosy kitchen is fully equipped.


Everything was solar powered and I even found two USB sockets where I could recharge my phone. 

Shower and Washroom Options

In the spirit of eco-sustainability, each of the floating units has a composting toilet. This took a little getting used to. There was a note on the wall letting guests know the only way they work is if you sit down. “Gentlemen, that means you, too!”

On land, a path leads to the main pavilion. Here I found separate bathrooms with regular-style toilets and showers. In addition, there was also a common lounge area with hanging basket chairs. Great for relaxing and looking out onto the lake.

Bora Boréal’s Gourmet Meal Possibilities

Guests can bring their own food, but there is is another option. One of the extra add-ons that Bora Boréal offers is the ability to order a gourmet breakfast from a nearby restaurant. Les Mal-Aimés provided me with crusty bread that I warmed on the BBQ, maple custard, spinach, bacon, and gouda quiche (also warmed on the BBQ). Plus there was a delicious paw-paw jam for the bread. It was all delivered to my deck in a wooden basket.

You can order breakfast for an extra charge.

Dinner is another option at Bora Boréal. Nearby gourmet caterer Oslo offers guests an online menu you can access when you book. The night I arrived, I enjoyed a citrus-infused salmon, risotto, and a melt-in-your-mouth spruce cake with Italian meringue. The company sources as much of its menu items locally.  In addition, other choices were skirt steak, marinated chicken, and red beans with tofu.

Both breakfast and dinners must be ordered in advance and are an additional charge.

Commune with Nature and Decompress

Bora Boréal opened last fall. It was still waiting for landscaping and a few finishing touches during my stay this spring. But that didn’t detract from the beauty of the sunrise over the lake in the morning. Nor did it impact my delight in watching Common Mergansers paddling past my floating observation deck. 

Bora Boréal floating units sleep 4 to 6.

To decompress and get the knots out of my back, I headed toward the three outdoor spa tubs. They were lined up looking out onto the lake. In addition, there was an open-air roof over them in case inclement weather struck. Lucky for me it was a lovely evening. A long, hot soak was just what I needed after a hectic day.

You have to walk a gravel path to the spa tubs, so it’s important to bring not only your bathing suit but some flip-flops and a robe.

Additional Activities at Bora Boréal

Active folks will be pleased to know Bora Boréal is open year-round. It offers hiking trails, fishing, kayaking, paddleboarding, and swimming. Plus, in summer swim ladders are installed off the deck of each of the units. It is easy to dive right into the lake. In winter guests enjoy snowshoeing around the property.

Bora Boréal Rates

The MiniBoras go from $229 per night and the BoraVillas start at $329 per night. Prices may increase depending on the season. Children are welcome at no extra cost and pets (dogs) can also come with a $100 fee. Late or early departures are available for $40. When you book, 50% of the payment must be made and the remaining balance is due 14 days before arrival. All paid prepayments are non-refundable.


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